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Use Memory Diagnostics Tool to Troubleshoot a Flaky windows 10 System

April 17, 2017 No Comments

When you encounter bad memory problem on your recently upgraded Windows 10 system, don’t be panic, just make use of the Memory Diagnostics tool to fix the issues. Most of the times, this tool succeeds in fixing the issue on your Windows 10 computer. In some case, it may fail to fix the issues and recover your files back, which you might have lost due to memory related issues on your Windows 10 system. In case, if you have recently upgraded to Windows 10 and faced such issues, then make use of professional trouble shooting and data recovery Remo Recover tool to perform Windows 10 anniversary update lost partition to get back a partition that is lost or deleted after Windows 10 upgrade.

Some users are encountering application failures, operating system fault, and other system related issues due to which they blame Windows 10 and then pine away for their previous version of the operating system. But, the true fact is that the problem can occur due to result of the failing or defective RAM.

Luckily, Microsoft has included Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool in its recent OS version Windows 10, which you can employ it to test the RAM chips your computer. Now, the question is how to launch and use this Memory Diagnostics Tool. Just read on to know how to use this tool

Launch Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool:

For launching the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool, just click on Start and type Memory in the search box. Now, click on Memory Diagnostics Tool icon. After you see Windows Memory Diagnostic dialog box, just click on Restart Now and Check for Problems option. When you do this, the dialog box will close and your computer will restart automatically

Now, you need to run the tests to fix your troubleshooting problems. Once the blue screen of Windows Memory Diagnostics tool appears the test will commence. As the testing process goes on, you will see the progress marked as percentage. Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool will perform its test by writing values to the memory repeatedly and then reading these values from the memory in order to verify that the data has not changed. By default, this tool runs its standard test, and even you can run the other two types of tests by pressing F1 to access the Options screen

In the test Options screen, you can select Basic mix that runs a limited number of tests, or you can choose Extended mix, which runs an exhaustive set of tests. Actually, the extended mix is so exhaustive and will often run for more than eight hours

As the tests run, the Status area will let you know if any problems are found. However, you do not have to stay glued to the screen, as the tool will identify and prevent using the problem section of the chip and allows Windows 10 to start up without crashing. Once the system restarts, you can see the test results. If no errors are found, then a notification message will appear like the below shown figure.

However, if you are failed to fix the troubleshooting errors with this tool, as said earlier, you can make use of Remo Recover software to fix the issues and get back the files, which you lost or deleted on your Windows 10 system.