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Tutorial to Format External Hard Drive on Windows/Mac System

April 21, 2017 No Comments

External hard drive is a portable device used to backup and store large files in an organized manner. You are able to media files, application programs, movies, etc. If you are selling your Windows or Mac PC then you need large storage space to backup all important files and folder from old computer. Under such condition, you need to format the external hard drive. Before we discuss the method to format the external hard drive, let’s discuss briefly about formatting:

What do you understand by the term formatting?

Formatting is a process of removing files and folder from any data storage device like external hard drive, USB drive, hard drive, memory card, etc. There are two stages of formatting i.e. low level and high level process. Low level formatting wipes out files and folder from drive whereas high level deals with generating new file system. The steps to format an external hard drive in Windows and Mac system are mentioned below:

Steps to Format your External Hard Drive on Windows

  1. Back up entire data from hard drive before formatting
  2. Connect external hard drive to the system that you want to format
  3. Open File Explorer and click on Computer after connecting the external drive
  4. Right click on external drive bar and scroll down to the format option
  5. Choose the file system that you want for your operating system
  6. Mention the name of your hard drive and close the Quick Format Box.
  7. Click on the Start button to start the process of formatting

The same procedure should be followed in case of other data storage devices like hard drive, pen drive, memory card and so on.

Steps to Format your External Hard Drive on Mac

  1. Back up all the files from external hard drive before formatting
  2. Connect external hard drive into your Mac system
  3. You can see the external drive after connecting to the computer
  4. Open Finder and check application/utilities
  5. Double click on disk utility to format the external hard drive
  6. In the side bar, choose your storage drive and click on erase tab
  7. Now you can select file system which is compatible your system
  8. Mention a drive name and click on erase button. The drive is formatted within fraction of second.

In case, something disastrous happens to the drive then you can easily recover formatted external hard drive Mac in few seconds.