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Tips to Retrieve Deleted Videos from Windows 8

March 6, 2014 No Comments

These days, everyone across world prefers to record their memorable videos like seminars, technical speeches, etc. with numerous electronic devices like Smartphone’s, camcorders, cameras, tablets, digital media players, etc. and store them on Windows 8 computers or laptops. In current era, Windows 8 based computers are widely used among several PC users due to its eye catching features. Videos stored on Windows 8 machines are usually played using default media player or any other third party player like VLC, Kmap and so on. Nevertheless, majority of the users lose their video files because of unforeseen reasons or human errors.

Right now, what will you need to do to restore those video files? Evidently, you will be thinking to execute video file restoration on Windows 8 system. Yes, this is precisely you must do after video file crisis but the main thing is you should select reliable video recovery software to bring back those videos because a small error might lead to permanent file loss. As per specialized computer experts recommend the most beneficial tool to get back deleted videos from Windows 8 machines is Remo Recover. This perfect software assures secure and easy video file recovery on Windows 8 machines without altering the original file in few minutes.

Different Reasons for Video File Deletion:

  • Unintended deletion of significant video file rather than deleting unnecessary folder
  • Unexpectedly deleting partition during formation of fresh partition
  • Sometimes video files or folders get deleted by hazardous viruses (Trojan) and by utilizing unreliable antivirus program
  • Performing inappropriate cut, paste operation in order to shift videos from Windows 8 system to external memory
  • Emptying Recycle Bin on Windows 8 without glancing at the files stored  into it
  • Unplanned partition format will delete all the files including videos enclosed into it

Generally, deleted files are stored in Recycle Bin but in some instances, you fail to locate those deleted video files in Recycle Bin. Few of them are the following:

  • Deleting video files through Shift +Delete key combination
  • Using command prompt to delete the videos from Windows 8 machine
  • Deleting large size video file whenever Recycle Bin size is full

If you are facing important video files loss from any one of the above mentioned factors then don’t get worry because with the aid of Remo video recovery software, you can simply get back erased videos from Windows 8 machine extreme ease.

Remo Recover Accountable Features on Windows 8 Systems:

  • By utilizing this software, you can simply recover videos from SD card, external hard drive, USB drive, pen drive, FireWire drive, etc.
  • Aside from Windows 8 video recovery, it also facilitates other major versions of Windows OS like Windows XP, 7, Vista, Server 2008, 2003, etc.
  • Apart from video file recovery, you can also take advantage of this utility to recover images, text files, PDF, Excel files, etc. without any complication.

Preventive Measures in order to Evade Video Loss from Windows 8

  • Maintain memorable video files backup on external storage memory to have it easily in the event of data loss catastrophe
  • Before deleting any kind of video files on Windows 8 machines make sure it is no more beneficial in future
  • You must not install the retrieval software on same partition from which video files are deleted
  • Maintain proper power supply during defragmentation procedure
  • Scan your Windows 8 machine with updated antivirus application on regular interval of time to get clear from virus invasion