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Tips to Retrieve Data from Faulty USB Stick

April 22, 2014 No Comments

My USB stick worked fine until yesterday but last night after regular power surge system was unexpectedly terminated several times. After sometime I decided to transfer few treasured files from USB stick to computer, it was nowhere on system screen or identified by PC. It has not been even listed on device manager or in Windows explorer. Anyone else ever experienced this kind of situation? I don’t possess any idea about this problem? I have lot of important files on my USB stick and I don’t want to lose. Please guide!

Above stated issue have been commonly asked by many users in the forums but regrettably they can’t discover proper solution for this problem. Generally, USB stick gets damage due to virus attack, mishandling of device, over filling of data when it’s already full, file system damage and so on. However, you can effortlessly overcome from each one of these reasons without putting any extra effort just by utilizing excellent third party USB stick recovery software- Remo Recover.

Before we shift towards recovery procedure, let us have a brief idea on how USB stick gets damage, few popular reasons are shown below:

  • Format Error: Sometime you wish to access files from USB stick during the time you connect it to system. Immediately after connecting, it exhibits error message such as “the drive can’t be right to use”, “drive is not initialized”, “drive is not formatted”, etc. The frequent factors for this could be due to improper usage, USB stick damaged or the USB stick has been used often times.
  • Virus Intrusion: Hazardous virus attack on USB stick might damage its file system, if you don’t perform scanning operation with updated antivirus software on right time, then you are incapable to gain access to even a lone file and finally leads to massive amount of data loss.

Soon after USB stick is damaged, most of the users think the files are enduringly lost. Nevertheless, taking appropriate actions ahead of USB stick data gets overwritten with fresh files or it’s not physically damaged will save the information. If you wish to know more information on recovery process then simply click here.

Data Recovery from Faulty USB Stick with Remo Recover Application:

Opting for supreme USB stick retrieval software like Remo Recover is the foremost option in this situation to get back valuable files or folders from USB stick. This program is read only and successfully executes recovery operation of logically damaged USB stick on all chief versions of Windows OS such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The utility is totally free from all virus threats. By utilizing this program you are able to restore all sorts of files such as videos, movies, games, text documents, etc. without any intricacy.

Spectacular Features of Remo Recover:

  • It is designed with advanced scanning engine that examines complete USB stick in order to retrieve unapproachable files
  • Facilitates previews option to view the retrieved files
  • By employing this software, you can even recover data from flash drives like pen drive, USB drive, memory cards, etc. For additional details visit this link
  • Allows you to save the present recovery procedure by giving save recovery session option