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The new G-Vert Fitness Tracker Measures Workout Intensity to Keep you Pumping

January 10, 2017 No Comments

As a well-known wearable athletic technology, Vert is upping the ante in the wearable fitness category with the new G-Vert, which is a fitness tracker that will measure the intensity of a workout as it is happening. Vert is the World’s first multi-appendage monitor to measure not only how long, but also to measure how hard you are exercising, and it does so in the real time.


G-Vert will provide nearly full body monitoring with the help of its module that is worn around the waist and that follows the dynamics and the g-force of the athlete’s every movement. The on-board sensors measures the kinetic energy of the activity, the power being exerted, the jump height, as well as the street percentage of the workout.

You can analyse all these parameters in real time with the help of companion app, thereby allowing athletes to customize their workouts to ensure that they are exercising to their maximum potential. In fact, “You can see how hard you have worked, the stress you put on your body, how efficient or how intense; something step counters can’t provide,” said president and founder of Vert, Martin Matak in a statement

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Apart from its utility as a training tool to maximize the performance, G-Vert can also be employed for the prevention of injury. The module detects asymmetry in a wearer’s motion, permitting the wearer to figure out when they are off the balance. Armed with this knowledge, athletes can easily modify their stance or change how they are exercising before the occurrence of injury

In fact, G-Vert is a ground-breaking addition to the Vert line-up, which brings new capabilities to a platform while retaining the most attractive features of the other trackers of the company. Coaches, who adapt the G-Vert for their teams will appreciate the team-based statistics, which permits the leaders to monitor the performance of each athlete who is wearing the G-Vert tracker.

Fans of every athlete will surely enjoy the live broadcast feature of the G-Vert that sends a feedback data directly to individual mobile devices or even a jumbotron display inside arena for everyone to see. G-Vert is now available for pre-order with very reasonable rate price tag of $149 USD