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Superior Tool to Recover Data from Full Formatted Hard Drive

May 24, 2014 No Comments

Is It Possible to Get Back Data After Formatting Full Hard Drive?

Yes, absolutely you can rescue data from completely formatted hard drive. Let’s see what happens once the HDD is formatted intentionally or unintentionally. After formatting the data will be erased within fraction of seconds but there will be replica of files which are disappeared from hard disk after formatting. As formatting only erases the index file and generate new data storage medium thereby conveying fresh file system. So, lost data can be retrieved by utilizing trustworthy third party hard disk recovery software – Remo Recover.

Have a look on some scenarios mentioned below due to which the information could be lost from Windows hard disk.

  • Accidental formatting of hard disk: Data might be lost by formatting hard disk without any proper backup, this sort of situation takes place when user desire to format the partition that is unreachable because of virus hazard but by accident user could possibly format another drive which encloses key files into it brings about data loss.
  • Re-installation of Windows OS: Up gradation of operating system may result in loss of OS functionality and important data because of improper data backup.
  • Partitioning errors: A mistake encountered during partitioning in Windows operating system could be one other reason for loss of data. Data from hard disk could be lost because of file system corruption. MBR (Master Boot Record) corruption could be the other reason of information loss on Windows based computers.
  • Virus attack: Virus attack severely corrupts the files stored on Windows hard disk or particular partition. Viruses frequently go into the machine while downloading third party applications or contents from illegal or unauthorized sites, after that they corrupts complete HDD without any intimation.
  • By third party application: Use of unauthorized or outdated form of alternative third party tool for reformatting or formatting the system leads to loss of files

It is possible to recover data from full formatted hard drive by employing this tool. However, to avoid the lost data from being overwritten we have to stop using the computer or saving the files to the HDD. In case, if you store any new data then it is impossible to get back lost data by using any recovery tools once it is overwritten.

The software is built with advanced scanning algorithm to reinitiate data loss from formatted hard drive. This tool performs deep scanning as a way to regain data from drives, which ceases to mount. Data emptied from Recycle Bin is regained by using software. In addition to hard drive recovery, this application authorizes you to retrieve files from flash memory cards, USB drive, iPod etc. It props up the files regaining from FAT 16, ExFAT, NTFS 5, FAT 32 and NTFS partitions that will not mount or usually do not mount because of impact of corruption. It could regain diverse file types including audio, video, pictures, email archives and films with extreme simple measures. Even Remo Recover software is available for Mac users to restore formatted partition mac data without any problems.