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Steps to Recover Data from a Failed Laptop Hard Drive

June 1, 2015 No Comments

Hard disk drive failure is a common problem amongst laptop users across all platforms. This error can render all your important files residing on the hard drive at the highest risk. But on the contrary to most people’s opinion, recovery of data in such situations is not that difficult. As a matter of fact, almost ninety nine percent of data is recoverable and failed hard disk recovery is possible, just as long as you perform the right course of action at the right time.

Now a days, hard disk drives manufactured are more improved as the drives get smaller while they become more powerful with considerable amount of storage capacity. But the probability of hard disk drive to experience failure and other errors is also increased.

Causes for Hard Disk Drive Failures and Actions to Take

As the hard disk drive acts as the heart of any computer for data storage and access, drive failure can bring very catastrophic outcomes. If you are amongst the people who mainly rely on their computer for business purposes, hard disk drive failure can definitely threaten your business operations. Loss of information and important data can set your business lagging several miles behind.

Knowing the common causes for hard disk drive failures can help you make some necessary and preventive actions and keep you prepared beforehand. However, if hard disk drive failures has already happened, you will know what exactly to do in case:

Mechanical failure: Mechanical failure can happen due to regular wear and tear of the hard disk drive’s rotating parts. The motors that provide read and write actions in the hard drive can turn defective proper notice, and once this happens, all data that is stored in it will turn inaccessible. Nothing much can be done in cases of mechanical failures in order to retrieve data unless you get it fixed by a technician.

Electronic failure: This issue mainly impacts the PCB of your hard disk drive. The PCB controls and coordinates the hard drive to perform read and write tasks. Power related errors such as failures and spikes may be the culprit in this case. In this case too, nothing much can be don’t to recover data but to get it fixed by a professional.

Logical failure: Logical failure or corruption is a non-physical kind of damage and can be addressed using suitable and appropriate recovery utilities. Logical damage can be caused due to a variety of reasons ranging from invalid entry to the file allocation table to grave issues such as bad sectors, file system loss, severe fragmentation, and the like.

Firmware corruption: Firmware is the software program which controls and monitors the entire actions of the hard disk drives. Errors or corruption due to this kind of error can be caused due problems such as severe virus infections, programming issues and other similar problems.

Data Recovery from a Failed Laptop Hard Disk Drive

The good news here, as mentioned earlier, is on almost on all non-physical situations data and all important contents from failed laptop drives are recoverable. Data stored in internal hard disk drives are robust, which is why success rates of getting back files and data from such cases is high. Know how to recover data from a failed laptop hard drive using Remo Recover from its main site. This software is one of the most preferred and reliable partition recovery utilities available today. So, just download it for free and instantly begin the recovery process.