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SSD data recovery using Remo Recover

August 18, 2014 No Comments

SSD stands for solid state drive which is data storage device that uses integrated circuits as memory to save data. It does not contain any moving parts like hard drives rather it has arrays of semiconductor memory, so the data transfer is faster. There are two types of SSD available such as Single level cell and Multi level cell.

Some of the significant features of solid state drives are:

  • Rate of data transfer is instant
  • More reliable, as it has software that helps user to predict ssd failure in advance
  • Less power consumption
  • Performance level is higher

Importance of SSD

A solid state drive utilizes a non-volatile storage device that uses flash memory, which is important to save permanent memory. High performance electronic devices like laptops, servers, desktops can use this for transferring real time data as it does not contain any moving parts and takes less time.

Despite of all these benefits, still users face data loss from SSD because of unreliable third party tools, computer virus etc. After analyzing issues that causes data loss from SSD, some experts have come up with best software called Remo Recover that can be used to restore SSD data from Windows operating system effectively.

Common reasons that are responsible for data loss from SSD drive are:

File system corruption

File system is mainly used to manage the files saved on all drives including SSD and contains entire information about stored data. If the file system is only corrupted then data present in SSD will become inaccessible to users

Virus attack

Viruses are harmful bugs that can infect system during downloading softwares from unknown sites or copying essential data from virus affected storage device. In such cases if SSD is infected from virus then the chances of data loss is more.

Bad sectors on hard drive

If there are more number of bad sectors present on SSD, then it will block the available data and results in data loss.

Other reasons

Sudden power loss, improper shut of system, operating system crash and many more are some of the reason that causes data loss from solid state drives.

Why Remo Recover?

  • Remo Recover is supreme recovery tool that can be utilized to retrieve lost data from solid state drive
  • It has the capacity to scan entire drive in few minutes
  • Remo Recover software is designed with simple user interface, so that less technical knowledge users can install it easily
  • With the help of a feature called Find tool, user can search recovered data from huge list of data
  • Apart from this Save Recovery Session will prevent rescanning of drive again and hence time can be saved
  • Technical team will be available for 24*7, if you come across ant interruptions during recovery process can be resolved in less time
  • Remo Recover can also be used to recover songs from frozen iPod and more extended information visit the specified URL

Tips to remember

  • Always have backup of important files
  • Connect system to UPS during transferring or recovering data
  • Make use of reliable antivirus software