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Safari vs Chrome – Which Browser is Best?

December 14, 2015 No Comments

Web Browser: A browser is a software application that is used to access, locate, and view the content on the World Wide Web. User can retrieve various information from the browser including images, web pages, videos and other information related to the specific website. Browsers are classified into two types namely computer browser and mobile browser (micro browser). There are many web browsers (including Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.) available to use by download free versions via internet.

How does Web Browser work?

As soon as user type specific website address or URL in the browser, the client or browser that requests the Web server for information. The Web server search for appropriate data and sends back to browser where computer users can view the results displayed on the desktop screen.

“Many users get confused-which browser to use? Which bowser is faster in fetching data or loading pages? Just continue reading this article to know which is best among Apple Safari and Google Chrome on Mac.”

Apple Safari and Google Chrome are the better web browser for Macintosh computers. Apple Inc., has introduced Safari browser whereas Google Inc., launched Chrome browser for both Windows and Mac machines. Most of the Mac users prefer to use Apple Safari as their default web browser because of several reasons as follows here:

  1. Safari is Faster: It is quicker or faster on Mac or Apple OS. As it loads web pages very faster than compare to Google Chrome browser. Chrome presently works on 32-bit mode in Mac OS X but Safari runs faster even in 64-bit.    
  2. Design and Easy to use: Safari is the user friendly and it enables the address-search bar. It also offers the share icon in order to bookmark pages, post to social media networks, etc.
  3. New Tab page: By enabling the Safari’s new tab page Mac/Apple users can get their favorite clickable icons. These icons are displayed based on the continuous viewed webpages or websites as same as bookmarks in the Google Chrome browser.
  4. Web Inspector: User can enable is option to inspect the HTML and CSS elements from the browser. This will be more useful for the web development and designers. But the Google Chrome doesn’t have Web Inspector option in Mac OS X.
  5. Activity Window: With the assistance of this option user can view the images, pages, and scripts that are downloading on the background of the web page when you surf on the internet.

Note: Apple Safari web browser is faster in performance on Mac machines and Google Chrome is the ultimate bowser for Windows systems.