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Restore Unreadable Hard Drive after Windows Update

October 16, 2014 No Comments

Regain Files from Unreadable Hard Drive after Windows Update

Hard drive is a place where different types of data like audio, video, photos, documents can be stored safely. It is one of the essential component that is available in all Windows system. Sometimes, due to abnormal circumstances like virus attack, unreliable third party tools make hard drive to get corrupted.

How hard drive becomes inaccessible after Windows update?

Hard Drive Corruption – When hard drive contains more bad sectors or it is severely infected from malware infections, generally it cannot be active as normal. In such scenarios, the chance of hard drive failure is more.

Partition Corruption – Partitions are segments present on hard drive to store various kinds files, if that is corrupted due to unreliable third party tools, virus attack etc. Thus in turn makes hard drive inaccessible.

Other reasons – There are many other reasons for hard drive failure like improper system shut down, file system corruption, bad sectors, corrupt MBR etc.

However, to overcome all the above scenarios in less make use of best utility called Remo Recover. This tool can regain files from unreadable hard drive after Windows update within few simple steps. Here is an URL that gives further information about the retrieval process.

Salient features of Remo Recover to retrieve files from unreadable hard drive after Windows update

Remo Recover is an ideal recovery tool that can be used to get back data from inaccessible hard drive after Windows update. It will scan the whole drive in few minutes to restore files from unreadable hard drive after Windows update as soon as possible. This software is designed with simple user interface to help new users to install and download it easily. With the help of a feature called Disk image, create pictures on hard drive containing bad sectors to recover data in later stage effortlessly. This software can be installed on versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003 to perform data recovery from unreadable hard drive after Windows update. 24*7, technical team will be available to solve any issues that occurs during recovery process, installation etc. To know how to purchase this software, browse here that gives detailed information about it.

Simple steps to regain files from unreadable hard drive after Windows update using Remo Recover

  • Install and download the software on your Windows system
  • Select Recover Drives out of many options from main screen
  • Select either Partition Recovery or Formatted/Reformatted Recovery from next screen
  • Now choose the failed drive from where you want to recover data and click on Next button to begin scanning process
  • After completion of scanning process, you can view data in two views i.e. File Type View and Data View
  • Lastly save the required files on desired location

Tips to remember

  • Always keep a copy of essential data in any external storage device to avoid data loss
  • Connect system to UPS whenever it is in use, so that sudden power failure cannot affect any of your files while transferring or retrieving
  • Make use of reliable third party tool to prevent malware infections to Windows system