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Rescue Video Files from Memory Card

September 15, 2015 No Comments

“Hi all, Yesterday I had been into a wedding reception of my friend’s marriage along with my friends. We had a lot of fun and the special news is that for the first time all of our friends have danced in the sangeeth and recorded all the videos of the occasion in my phone. After reaching home I was very excited to watch those videos and in hurry I just pulled out the SD card from phone without choosing ejecting option in phone. When I connected it to the system I realized that all the videos were lost. Can anyone suggest me a tool that will perform video recovery from SD card?”

Recovery is possible!!

Yes you can recover all your lost videos from your memory card by using recovery tool. These tools potentially get backs all your data including videos from your memory card.

Brief Intro about SD Card:

SD cards are the external storage devices for many gadgets like mobile phones, audio players, cameras, camcorders. The storage capacity of these cards differs from 256 MB to 64GB. The most attractive thing of these SD cards is its size. It is ultra thin and small but holds lots of data in it. This might be the reason behind its popularity. And one more thing is, it supports various file formats to store in it such as audios, videos, pictures, .pdf and many more.

How videos will get deleted from the SD Card?

For some reasons, you may unintentionally delete some videos from your memory card which are very precious to you. And there are many reasons that may result in loss of most valuable videos from the card. But if whenever it happens to you and wish to recover those videos then you can try Remo Recover Software which will surely help you in getting back the lost data from the memory card.

What are the supported data loss scenarios by this tool?

  • Data loss from the card due to formatting or “Delete All” operation
  • Media files that are deleted accidentally or intentionally from memory cards
  • Memory card corruption or damage, or inaccessibility
  • Loss of files which resulted by pulling out the card while your camera or phone is on
  • Data loss caused by using the same card between different cameras/computers/devices
  • And also some other unknown events which resulted in loss of precious data from your memory card.

How Remo Recover Tool will help you?

As you have read all the above mentioned scenarios, your case might be one of those or else not listed in that. But this tool has the potential to retrieve all the data from the SD card using its advance technology. It is specially designed for the memory cards that are used in digital cameras and mobile phones. It is very easy to use due to its simpler user-interface and it hardly requires around 20 minutes of time to perform the recovery process depending on your file size.

It provides recovery of all the file formats that a memory card can store. The tool is very safe to use since it does not modify any content in the card. So in all aspects Remo Recover tool can be considered as a most efficient tool for your video recovery. Then why late! Just download and install the software and get back all the lost data from your memory card.