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Recover Logical Partition on NTFS Drive

October 7, 2014 No Comments

Get back logical partitions from NTFS drive

Hard drive is one of the major and also known as primary storage device for most of the electronic devices like computer, laptop etc. to save all the essential files, personal details and so on. In such scenarios, majority of the Windows users prefer NTFS files system because it is faster, safer and contains advanced technologies when compared to older file system.

Advantages of NTFS file system

  • Best file system for large drive with increased performance
  • Read/write operations and data transfer rate is faster
  • Provides a feature called compression that can be used to compress files, folders, entire drive to save memory space

However, partitions on NFTS drive might go missing due to virus attack, improper formatting etc. from Windows system.

What are the reasons for losing partition from NTFS drive?

File System Corruption – There are various reasons for file system corruption that can cause loss of logical partition from NTFS drive. Some of them are hardware conflicts, software clashes, improper system shut down, sudden power failure and many more.

Presence of Bad Sectors – If there are increased number of bad sectors on drive, then it will not be able to respond for any read/write actions that makes partitions on NTFS drive inaccessible. Bad sectors on hard drive are small clusters that are generally known as defective areas.

Inaccurate Repartitioning – Generally repartitioning of NTFS drive is done when you want to create new segment or resize the existing partition. During this process, if you come across any errors due to which process gets interrupts then some of the partition from NTFS drive go missing.

Apart from the above mentioned scenarios, there are more reasons that are responsible for losing logical partition from NTFS drive. If you are one among them to lose, don’t worry!! No matter how you lose partition, here is best recovery tool called Remo Recover that can recover logical partition on NTFS drive. Browse here for more information about its retrieval process and to know how to rescue logical partitions from NTFS drive in simple process.

Salient features of Remo Recover to recover logical partition on NTFS drive

Remo Recover is ideal recovery tool that can be used to restore logical partitions from NTFS drive by defeating all possible reasons. It has the ability to scan the entire drive in few minutes from early retrieval of logical partitions from NTFS drive. This software is designed with simple GUI interface so that new users can install and run it easily. Using Disk image option, it will create images on drive containing bad sectors so that data can be recovered in later stage effortlessly. With the help of feature called Save Recovery Session, time can be saved as it prevents rescanning of drive. This software supports different versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003 to recover logical partition on NTFS drive. Remo Recover can also be used to undelete XLS files from Windows system within less span of time. Users can check the adequacy of software in advance using demo version available in internet without any charges.