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Recover Fujifilm Data with Ease

December 16, 2016 No Comments

Fujifilm devices such as digital cameras and other storage devices are widely used by professionals as well as non-professionals for multiple purposes. Like other branded devices, data loss issues in Fujifilm devices is also a common issue that many users have faced and are facing. There are many vacations that cause data losses from these Fujifilm devices. Here are some frequently occurred data loss scenarios that occur in Fujifilm devices

  1. When you are capturing videos or images from your Fujifilm camera, while its battery is low and the device switches off. This can lead to data loss from the camera
  2. Ejecting the memory card abnormally from the camera while the photos or videos are being captured or processed can result in data deletion
  3. Removing the memory card from the camera or from card reader while transferring data from camera to computer or vice versa can lead to data loss. Or else, sudden power surges while transferring data from camera to system also leads to loss of data
  4. When you capture images or videos while the memory card of the camera is full can also result in data deletion from its storage device
  5. If memory cards of Fujifilm camera are not handled properly, then they are tend to get damaged easily that lead to data loss. For example, removing the memory cards improperly and inserting the memory card regularly from the camera, and using the same memory card on different devices such as cameras, card readers, mobile phones, computers, camcorders, iPods, etc.
  6. Severe virus intrusion, presence of excessive bad sectors, deletion by third party tools like antivirus tool, file system corruption, accidental deletion while previewing files on camera, etc. are the other data loss scenarios that can occur on Fujifilm cameras

Now, you might have got an idea about the circumstances that can lead to data loss from Fujifilm devices. But, right now considering that you have already lost your valuable data, there is a need to perform Fujifilm data recovery using powerful and reliable data recovery tool. So, now let’s know how to recover data from Fujifilm devices using one of the best data recovery tools called Remo Recover.

Perform Fujifilm data recovery with Remo Recover utility:


There are number of third party data recovery tools available to recover lost or deleted data from Fujifilm devices. Hence, you have to choose the right and trusted utility. Remo Recover software is one such highly trusted and reliable data recovery tool that help you in performing Fujifilm data recovery with great ease. With this Fujifilm data recovery software, you can retrieve lost or deleted images and videos of all formats such as TIFF, GIF, NEF, PNG, BMP, DNG, CRW, CR2, ARW, RAW, MOV, AVI, MP4, M4V, and many more in few clicks. To restore deleted or lost data, you need to download, install, and run the free trial version of Remo Recover software on your system. It recovers all your data within couple of clicks. Later, it permits you to preview the recoverable files in File Type View or Data View. In order to save these recovered files, you have to purchase the software.

Features of Remo Recover tool:

  1. Remo Recover supports deleted or lost data recovery from Fujifilm cameras, camcorders, hard drives, and other storage devices manufactured by Fujifilm
  2. Supports Fujifilm data recovery on all versions of Windows OS including Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, XP, Windows 7, Vista, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, etc.
  3. It recovers more than 280 types of files such as videos, audio files, pictures, PowerPoint files, Spreadsheets, Word documents, PDF files, games, system files, and many more
  4. Besides Fujifilm, it also supports to recover data from other branded storage devices such as HP, Toshiba, Transcend, Sony, Samsung, Olympus, etc. (including memory cards, cameras, hard drives, flash drives of almost all leading brands)

Points to be remembered:

  1. As soon as you encounter data loss from Fujifilm device, stop using it immediately to prevent overwriting of data, because data overwriting reduces the chance of recovery
  2. Have one or more copies of your important files on your portable storage media or on your computer
  3. Never capture images or videos when your camera displays low battery warning message