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New Bing iPhone App Wants to Speed Up the Search Process

February 19, 2016 No Comments

Microsoft’s Bing team is working hard to boost up the search speed with the new Bing iPhone app as of now searching for mobile is same as PCs. With the launch of new Bing app, the search on your iPhone can be faster and much better than ever before.

Idea behind this new Bing technology

The main focal point of Bing team is a search button that is able to launch a standard search for any topic via texts, voice or an image. The latest Bing app for iPhones take advantage of Microsoft’s Knowledge and Action Graph, comes with fresh design using the same wonderful daily background pictures as the search site, improved interactions, clean interface and ability to link existing apps. In addition to the web, the driving idea behind this technology is that using apps on your phone ability to take action on the list of results and also includes quick tabs to reduce the rate of typing a user need to do to find a suitable results.

How mobile search is different from PC search?

Unlike PC search, the mobile search need is totally different because search on phone requires instant answers and capability to take quick action. Usually, people use cell phone app to book, buy and watch videos which need immediate actions in one single app. Moreover on cellphones, user type less and touch more by reducing the number of interactions to look faster ways. So, Microsoft launched the new Bing app for iPhone, that search and take instant action so that you can focus on other things. In this app, mobile’s location awareness plays an important role.

More about new Bing iPhone app

A new Bing app for iPhone is a separate application to search the web without the need of Google. In this app, Near me icon when tapped, shows logical options depending on the time like breakfast, lunch, dinner, cinemas, parks and many more. It is completely streamlined than its earlier search app. Look for a review and check out the new Bing app for yourself.