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Maverick’s data recovery using Remo Recover

June 7, 2014 No Comments

In the recent times the technologies get updated every now and then so Apple Inc also keeps updating its Mac versions. Maverick’s is one of the latest and tenth versions of Mac operating system. Whenever the versions get updated even the features present in it also get advanced. Some of the features of Maverick’s that are enhanced are improvement in battery’s life time, performance than the older version. iBooks, Maps, Finder Enhancement, Notification Enhancement, Calendar Enhancement are some the recently added apps. Mac even provides facility called Smart folders that give an opportunity for individual to search the information of their wish .For more detailed view of Smart Folders visit here.

However, despite of all the significant features and profits, numerous individual complained that they lost data at the time of updating their operating system to latest version Mavericks. Even though the Mac version is associated with some excellent features still it will lead to data loss. Using Mavericks which is the advanced version of Mac if you have lost any important data and if you don’t have any backups then the most ideal way to restore data is from Mavericks is with Remo Recover software.

 Some of the reasons for data loss in Mavericks

  • While revising the old version of your operating system into advanced version there are chances of data getting deleted.
  • Errors done by individual like unintentional deletion of files, folders.
  • Without having the backup of important files if you by mistake format your operating system that results in data loss.
  • Usage of third party tool like antivirus may also lead to data loss.
  • Other reasons like improper removal of storage devices, sudden shut down of the system, power surge etc.

 Key features to remember

  • Keep backups of all compelling files.
  • Be careful while improving your operating system.
  • Always connect UPS to your system.

 About Remo Recover

It is one of the excellent/well organized software that can be used to recover data from Mac 10.9 OS X. It is also used to restore the deleted files from empty trash. It can scan the entire drive and retrieve the data in very less span. It consists of special algorithms which are built in to recover different file formats of audio, video such as avi, mp4, mp3, aif and so on. The files that are retrieved can be stored on the basis of file type, name, and size. Supports the file systems like HFS, HFS+ for restoring the lost files. It provides special features like it allows to preview the recovered data in advance before saving it in the specified place. Different versions of Mac like Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion etc are also privileged.