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Li-Fi – The New Era of Super fast Internet Technology

December 10, 2015 No Comments

What is LI-FI?

LI-FI is a super fast internet connection which is very much advanced than WI-FI. This uses light source for communication rather than radio wave which is used in WI-FI for communication. LI-FI is hundred times faster and cost effective than typical WI-FI because light travels faster than radio waves and visible light spectrum is ten thousand times larger than radio waves.

Major drawback of WIFI technology

As the advancement of technology is booming in every field which has made people life’s very easier. One of the outstanding technological enhancement is wireless communication and internet is widely used for this communication, day by day the use of internet is increasing rapidly and as a result the traffic over the net has increased drastically. Some of the disadvantages of WIFI technology is listed below.

  • It is used only for shorter distance communication.

  • Due to high traffics the speed of transmission is very slow.

  • This is very costly.

Why to make use of LI-FI?

LI-FI is a smarter solution of delivering data by using visible light spectrum. This can be utilized in aircraft or any other places where interference is an issue because it does not interfere with any other radio signals. LI-FI overcome different limitations of traditional WI-FI technology and can be used in much optimized way than WI-FI , so it’s definitely going to be a boon for our society. It has shown lots of improvements know more in almost all sectors.

  • LI-FI provides large coverage area for transmission over the internet.

  • It has less traffic when compared to WI-FI because it has efficient traffic handling capacity.

Amazing super fast Internet communication -LI-FI..!

  • Underwater communications: LI-FI is very much relevant for underwater transmission because radio waves used in traditional WI-FI are heavily consumed by sea water during communication which renders disturbance in the transmission.

  • Health care sectors: LI-FI has been tested and it’s safe to implement in various health sectors such as hospitals or any other health care where as WI-FI penetrates human body which is not safe to be used in these sectors.

  • Internet everywhere: Wherever light source is available LI-FI can be used like on roads, house, malls, vehicles, footpaths by any means of visible light from street lamps, tube-light or vehicles light, etc.

  • Safety and management: Almost at every instant of time it can update traffic info which helps traffic police on how to deal with traffic related issues and they can easily catch the one who breaks the rule.

  • Beneficial for defense purpose: LI-FI is very much secured and it can not be hacked easily hence data is protected, so this is profitable for defense services as their data is highly confidential.