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Is the Apple Watch a Good Health and Fitness Tracker?

December 28, 2015 No Comments

The most outstanding feature of the Apple fitness tracker watch is its capability to track health and fitness, which monitors your workouts and also your movements throughout the day.

But is the Apple Watch worth buying only for its health features?

The Apple fitness tracker watch is a smarter way to look at health and fitness. Fitness is not only running, walking, hitting the gym but also about living active all the time. Hence Apple Watch monitors all your activity throughout the day. It measures each and every activity of yours such as walking along the dog, cycling or playing with kids. It not only tracks your activity but also encourages you to keep moving and even sends certain updates every day to tell you, because it all counts to show how close you are to reach your activity goal.
A smarter fitness tracker Apple device works smoothly that even remainders you to stand up which has the ability to exactly tracks the amount of time of each activity such as standing, sitting and easy to use software as from your wrist you can track your heart rate and workout stats can be viewed very effectively.

Apple fitness tracker watch helps you make progress and see results.

This smartwatch knows very well how to keep you motivated whenever you are walking, running, cycling or during your workouts. The Apple watch set activity goals, passively track your progress and when your workout is finished it gives you a complete summary that helps to reach new milestones. Using this apple device you can smartly look at your health and fitness and provides many brilliant features as listed below:

  • The Activity app in Apple watch act as an activity tracker that helps to track your activity throughout the day.
  • A independent app for workouts is added in the Apple watch that acts as a workout tracker to keep track of everything like pace, calories burned and even heart rate.
  • The Apple fitness tracker watch is compatible and works in conjunction with a number of third-party workout applications.
  • As a health tool, the Apple watch periodically sends progress updates and remind you to keep moving.