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How to Repair Corrupt PSD File

May 14, 2016 No Comments

Photoshop PSD files contains all the attributes of the image in a single file, thus it is vulnerable to corruption easily. If there is a chance for corruption, there will be definitely a solution and that’s repair. Yes, Remo repair PSD focuses at repairing PSD files in Windows operating system. It is built with special algorithm in which it understands all the essential things needed for the PSD files to run properly. You will know exactly how to repair corrupt PSD file at the end of this article.

Characteristics of Remo Repair PSD

  • how to repair corrupt psd fileSupports PSD files created with all the versions of adobe photoshop and fixes it by repairing them using its powerful engine.
  • Repairs RLE compressed PSD files easily as it retrieves the part of the file and supports files having larger sizes.
  • It is able to fix files with its color mode such as Bitmap, Gray scale, RGB etc and supports a depth of 1, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel.
  • It is very user friendly and supports all Windows operating systems including Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • Fixes PSD file with all the elements, attributes and layers which were present earlier i.e. before corruption. So, there will not be a single change in elements.

PSD files created using any version of photoshop can be repaired easily by using Remo Repair. The features set extends to a list and a very few are listed above.

Steps in installing Remo Repair

All the steps to install and carrying out PSD file repair can be understand by watching this video.  Launch the software after installing it. It is displayed with a user friendly interface where you just need to choose the corrupt PSD files using the browse button and have to select repair. The software takes care of all the things and finally gives you a repaired file with all the layers and elements present on it. You just have to activate the licensed version software to save them to your desired hard disk.

Cases of PSD file Corruption

There are some scenarios which can lead to corruption of PSD files and they can be fixed by performing some algorithm on it. The software is built with that specific algorithm where it works on PSD files and does the repair process.

  • Partial downloaded parts may be a reason behind PSD corruption when it got stuck or downloaded as a broken part from the internet or while transferring from one device to another.
  • Improper shutting down of the Windows or any software that currently uses PSD file may cause damage when you are handling it without care.
  • Using any other unreliable software to open PSD files rather than using adobe photoshop will result in damaged PSD file.
  • Malware infections in Windows computers lead to severe loss and corruption of data. This causes multiple errors and corrupts or deletes several number of files and PSD file may also be a victim of data corruption.

Under all such scenarios, Remo Repair fixes all damaged and corrupt PSD files by using its algorithm in a very easy way.