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How to Recover Windows 7 Deleted Partition

May 11, 2016 No Comments

Retrieving Windows 7 partitions are actually achieved without any serious effort if you have Remo Recover software. By using this tool, you can smoothly recover deleted partition Windows 7. The software mainly focuses on recovery by tracking the file in hard disk. Be it any sector the file uses to save, it finds the file path correctly by scanning it and finally gets you back the partition. It is built with highly refined components and thus providing good results.

Features of Remo Recover

recover deleted partition windows 7The software aims mainly on deleted files and partitions; it can help you even when you got stuck with corrupt or inaccessible partitions. Let’s list out the common set of attributes this tool holds.

  • Recovers partitions affected with viruses and other harmful programs. These will make the computer go crazy and also replicates such files to other partitions.
  • Partition recovery is safe and reliable as it scans deeply using a powerful algorithm and made it possible even within the bad sectors.
  • Supports deleted or formatted RAID partitions thus making recovery of every partition possible.
  • Recovers partitions of any file types like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT and compatible with all Windows operating systems including Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • Deleted or lost partition files can be previewed before recovery process and able to play the multimedia files such as images, videos and audio files.

Causes of Deleted Partition

  • Careless formatting of disk drive partitions and accidental deletions are the most common causes of deleted partitions.
  • Viral infections will leave the partitions deleted and needs to be treated instantly after the infection. This should cause serious problems in system configurations.
  • Conversion in file system of the partitions will definitely make the partitions deleted and the action is highly not recommended.
  • Using any third party disk utility and disk management tool without the knowledge of it will certainly end up in deleting the partitions.
  • Resizing the partitions such as extending or shrinking without the proper knowledge will lead to data loss in partitions.

Under any such circumstances listed above, this software just works fine to recover them. If you are experiencing any above listed problems, then by using this tool partitions can be recovered easily. This uses some powerful algorithm to find the files and folders from the partition by scanning in depth.

Steps to Recover Deleted Partition

Install the software and scan the partition by selecting it in the wizard. It is a very user friendly interface and does not require any technical skills to use it. All you need to do is just select the partition where you want to recover your files and folders from. Then selecting next will begin scanning and will finish in some time depending upon the size of the partition. Finally, you will be displayed with all the data in that partition. You can choose the required files individually or in group. Saving the files to the disk needs the evaluated copy of the software.