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How to Perform Partition Recovery?

December 2, 2015 No Comments

Before knowing about partition recovery process, let’s know what exactly is a partition?

The computer hard drive is divided into several logical sections which are known as partitions. It is possible through the partitioning process at the time of formatting. Every partition of hard drive is just known as one single drive by the Operating System.

Advantage of partitioning the drive:

Partitioning of hard drive has numerous advantages including you can be able to keep the important files separately from the OS, save the regularly used programs or files together, use dual Operating System and several other tasks. You may even hold the different file system in numerous partitions, so that it helps to make the file system recovery very easy.

What is the need of lost partition recovery?

By partitioning the drive, it is very easy to store different files separately in several partitions, loss of data can happen at any instant of time. Hence, during partitioning or re-partitioning a hard drive you should be careful, because a single mouse click may result in the loss of entire partition in Windows hard drive.

Let’s have glance at some attractive Features of Remo Recover Toolkit:

  • Remo Recover is a powerful app that offers simple and efficient way to get lost partition from the hard disk within short interval of time.
  • This tool easily get back missing partitions while re-partitioning the drive using disk management utility.
  • Toolkit can rescue data even, if the drive is formatted using any types of file system.
  • It will help you to retrieve inaccessible partitions effectively.
  • Any common novice person without any technical knowledge can recover partition without any complications with its easy and friendly interface.
  • Recovering data from erased partition that support various class of HDDs like Se-agate, Dell, HP, Lenovo, WD, etc.,.
  • Remo Recover smoothly figure out partition which is deleted due to power surge, virus attack and so on.
  • This program is available for trial function, which is useful for consumer to check the effectiveness of the tool. The trial version only supports the “Preview” option, user cannot access the “Save” button.

Some recurring scenarios where Remo Recover will be helpful:

  • Master Boot Record Damage– Master Boot Record is being used during the process of installation of Operating System. If it gets corrupted, it may corrupt partitions which results in non-booting of the hard drive.
  • Having multiple Operating System– Many people will be having a multiple OS on their hard drive. During the installation process of this multiple Operating System, information stored in some of the partitions might get corrupted. This can make the data inaccessible.
  • Hard drive reformatting– When you are changing a file system from FAT to NTFS or from NTFS to FAT then there may be chances of losing data, if you don’t have a proper back up facility.
  • System crash– There are many reasons in which the system may crashed such as file system corruption, virus attack, occurrence of the partition error while creating a new partition, software corruption, etc which may result in data loss.
  • Power surge– This is one of the most common case, improper termination of your system in middle of partitioning process due to power failure leads to enormous loss of data.

As such you may lose data from partitions due to various reasons. After knowing briefly about Remo Recover utility, there is no need of getting worried as these lost partitions can be recovered using this efficient partition recovery software. By using proficient Remo Recover wizard, you can easily restores all the lost partitions from system hard drive in your fingertips.