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How to Compact Data Files in Outlook 2013?

January 9, 2016 No Comments

MS Outlook PST files usually consume more storage space in your hard drive. When you create or receive items in the mailbox the size grows rapidly and if you delete any file the size of the Outlook file may not decreased in proportion to the file that you have removed. There are plenty of ways to manage your Outlook 2013 and decrease the size of the files.

Simple steps to compact Outlook 2013

There are several ways to compact Outlook 2013 files like manage your mailbox, reduce size of the Outlook PST file or reduce the size of the OST file in Outlook.

Manage your mailbox: Here, to view the size of your mailbox and all folders the Mailbox Cleanup software is used and the deleted item folder can be emptied using this tool. The old items can be archived into an archive Outlook Data File.

Do the following to cleanup Mailbox:

Select File tab and press Cleanup Tools option then choose Mailbox Cleanup and perform any one of the task:

  • click View Mailbox Size button to see entire mailbox size and each single folder if any.

  • You can use Find option to locate old items.

  • Select AutoArchive option to move older item from mailbox to an archive PST file.

  • You can empty deleted folder by pressing Empty option.

Reduce the size of an Outlook OST File: The .ost file is unique to Microsoft Exchange Server accounts. When you have deleted items from Outlook, decreasing the size of an OST data file could improve performance. Only item you want to delete is removed without affecting files of the system running Microsoft Exchange Server.

Reduce the size of an Outlook PST file: Whenever you erase an item from .pst file, it automatically gets compacted in the background if Outlook is running. Manually also you can compact but it takes some time. Accidentally, if you format the PST file instead of compacting it then all the files stored on it will be erased completely. In such situation, if you wish to recover lost PST files then take a look!

Important things to note!

  • You need to particularly select an item from PST and OST to remove it using Delete key.

  • Only the selected folder will get deleted, if you are using an Exchange account in Cached Exchange Mode.

  • By default, public folder is not synchronized if you are using Cached Exchange Mode. But, if you select to synchronize it then drastically offline file size increases.