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Difference Between Hotmail and Live

January 25, 2016 No Comments

The Hotmail is very often referred as Windows Live Hotmail. It is offered by Microsoft as a free e-mail service and also a part of Windows Live cluster. But it was previously known as MSN Hotmail as the preceding Hotmail version. MSN to Windows Live Hotmail transition was very gradual but two types of hotmail were available at the same time.


This Hotmail service represent freedom, which was officially launched on 1996-American Independence day. The freedom here refers to ISP based email services to the people. It is designed in such a way that by using just a web browser you can access the web and inbox of the users irrespective of place, time. The casing of Hotmail is as ‘HoTMaiL’ to signify the basic coding of all web pages which is HTML. This web-based email service became very popular across the globe and reported to have beyond thirty million subscribers.


A group of services and applications of Microsoft is collectively referred as Windows Live. As many services are web-based applications hence you can access it from different types of web browsers but few applications you may need additional software to operate. Most of the Windows Live products and services are indicated as ‘rebrands’ or an advanced version of MSN products and services. Microsoft used Live as branding in many of its products rather than Windows Live and its set of services. Xbox Live, Microsoft Office Live, and Games for Windows all these come under Live which is labeled by Microsoft.

The Windows Live provide three types of services:

  • Mobile

  • Web

  • Windows Live Essentials

Hotmail vs Live

  • A particular web-based email service is Hotmail where as Live is a new brand with group of Microsoft products.

  • Hotmail is included as a part of Windows Live services.

  • Live, obviously is a brand new service introduced by Microsoft while Hotmail is a web service that is acquired in the 90’s.

  • Previously, Hotmail was bundle with MSN services but now with Windows Live and hence referred as Windows Live Hotmail.