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Creating a Template for Mac Word

December 17, 2015 No Comments

Microsoft Word for Mac users let you create professional looking document by your own template that can be used for resumes, invitation, newsletters and so on. By using templates you can do complete formatting as it provides various template options for interesting design, compelling to create an efficient document, With this you can create new document or alter a sheet, workbook or even present existing document and store it in your own custom template and saves your time.

How to create a template on Mac Word?

To create a template for Mac OS X Word is very simple just like saving a regular Word document but the main difference is you have to select save as template when you click Save option.

Procedure to create a template on Macintosh computer

Open the document, and insert delete, or modify any text, graphics, or formatting, and make any other modifications that you want to appear in all new documents that you want on that template. After completing on the File menu, click Save As and type whatever filename you need followed by .dotx format and then save the document. In this simple way you can create a template on Mac.

Modifying the existing Template document

To make the existing document more effective and attractive you can customized an existing template document by inserting static features and save it again in the same way as i said before.

New document can be created using Template

When you create and save your Template document on Mac OS X system and to organize your template if you have created folders then all folders are displayed under My Template, to view the specific template you have to choose it from the folder. Then choose the template you have created to create a new document.

Deleting a Template on Mac machine

You can delete a existing Template from your Mac OS X from selecting My Template option or you can directly drag your Template to the Trash.

Helpful suggestion

If you are running Mac OS X 7 on your computer then by default Library folder is hidden.To enable this option on your system in the Finder, press the Go menu option, and then hold down OPTION, use the finder option to organize your template and then save it in a new folder.