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Control Home Media with 3D Touch and Launch Center Pro

April 1, 2016 No Comments

Do you need faster access to home audio?  With the help of 3D Touch and Launch Center Pro you can control your home media. There are so many apps available for 3D Touch but haven’t been the best, so a handful of apps have right here pick up the most suitable one.

How to control home media with 3D Touch and Launch Center Pro?

downloadOne of the wonderful app to use with 3D Touch is Launch Center Pro, allowing you to select various apps that you want to access via 3D Touch actions. To appear the apps in 3D Touch menu, first you need to create Launch Center Pro actions. Other than Pro, SoundCloud or Spotify can also be chosen. You could have up to four actions at a time in the 3D Touch menu. For instance, I have used Launch Center Pro to run my frequently used media apps: Rdio, Music app, Sonos and Pandora.

In case, if you don’t know how to create an action in Launch Center Pro then just follow the below instructions:

  1. Launch the Launch Center Pro and at the top right hit the pencil icon.
  2. To add an action, click on a blank icon space.
  3. Click Action Composer.
  4. Then choose All Supported Apps.
  5. Finally at the top click on

You can use elegant URL schemes to prompt more comprehensive actions. All you need to automatically stream a URL schemes for your favorite apps is just place this under the URL section of Action Composer. Repeat the above listed steps for four apps that you want to access through 3D Touch.

Simple steps to add your actions to the 3D Touch

  1. Open the Launch Center Pro app and in the upper-left corner click on Settings
  2. Choose Quick Actions.
  3. Select up to four apps that you want to access through 3D Touch and accordingly order them.

After successfully completing this process, you can firmly call up the specific actions by clicking on the Launch Center Pro options. However, in this page I have shown how to control media and audio apps but depending on your need you can implement this on several things.