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Can I Recover Files After Diskpart Clean

April 11, 2014 No Comments

Hello friends, I am in big issue please help me! I just made a deadly error. Today morning I make a decision to use Diskpart to clean, make fresh partitions and format them on few USB flash drive sticks. But I fail to insert the flash drive into the USB port and second thing run the command “List Disk” to ensure the disk number the computer had assigned towards the flash drive.

Actually I had forgotten that each of the flash drives will enclose on “Disk 2” and in urgency I performed the CLEAN command on “Disk 1” instead of “Disk 2”. This minute error wiped all my Windows hard drive data enclosed over years together. Now I am not using my system and right away pulled out the SATA cable out of the drive and searching for the software to restore data after diskpart clean. So please suggest me the correct tool to get rid from this problem.

Do you know the advantages of using Diskpart? If no, then take a look over few helpful features of this program:

The Diskpart program enables you to execute from the command line similar to the disk management tasks that you could carry out with Disk management console like resizing, removing, creating or manipulating the partitions on the disk, USB drive, external HDD on all versions of Windows OS such as Windows 7, XP, 8, Vista, Windows Server 2003, 2008. Even you can also employ this application in allocating or reallocating partitions letters or for executing disk conversions from basic to dynamic. Diskpart utility has numerous commands to undertake actions on partitions like ADD, CONVERT, RESCAN, CREATE and so on.

Therefore, it is suggested to get significant files backup on some exterior storage device prior to executing any commands because there are plentiful commands in this app, if you utilize this program with half knowledge then you could face large amount of data loss. However, if you lose your partition it is a provisional, your data as well as partition still stays on hard disk and you can fluently get them back with the use of good file recovery tool like Remo Recover|.

Note: After data loss from Windows machine immediately stop using partition or PC otherwise your files can get overwritten with new data and leads to permanent data loss.

Abilities of Remo Recover Software:

The software is integrated with superior algorithms and scans entire hard drive constantly to discover lost or erased partitions. This tool efficiently retrieves data as well as drive from Windows HDD without causing any damage. It sustains retrieval of files from NTFS, NTFS 5, FAT 16, ExFAT, FAT|BODY FAT 32 file systems. Even this software after restoration facilitates you to sort the files according to their creation date, size, file signature, etc. By utilizing this application, you are able to rescue data from several external storage devices like FireWire drive, external hard drive, USB drives, memory cards, memory sticks, etc. The software is even extremely capable to rescue the data that are deleted using dos command prompt.

Safety Measures:

  • Before employing this utility have a absolute knowledge
  • Take proper backup before performing Diskpart tool