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Application to Retrieve Files after System Restore on Windows 7

June 21, 2016 No Comments

Procedure to use Remo Recover (Windows) to retrieve files after system restore on Windows 7:Data-Recovery2

Here is the procedure for retrieving files after system restore on Windows 7 using Remo Recover tool. First install the free demo edition of Remo Recover (Windows) software which you have downloaded online on your Windows system. Now you can launch the program by running the installed software and then choose recover file button from the home screen. Next, choose the right scanning method to retrieve files from restored system. Next, choose the drive from which you have to restore the deleted files. Now, by choosing the recover button the tool starts its recovery process. You can save the recovery session after pausing the scan and can resume it later; this is useful in scanning drives with huge sizes. After the recovery process comes to an end, you can evaluate the recovered file using preview option. If you are fulfilled after seeing the preview of the retrieved files, buy the software online and load the previously saved recovery session to restore your scan session to the disk of your choice.

From the above recovery procedure you can get back deleted files after system restore on Windows 7.

Why to use Remo Recover (Windows) to retrieve files from restored system on Windows 7:

  • Remo Recover application has the capacity to scan the entire Windows 7 system rapidly and retrieves all files from restored system with simple recovery process as discussed in above paragraph.
  • Program helps user to retrieve the files that are deleted using delete button or by selecting format button and also we can run this application on all latest editions of Windows without any difficulty.
  • The software has the power to categorize all variety of deleted files on basis of their file name, size and type and their signatures remain unaltered.
  • The application is provided with easy – to – use GUI which makes retrieving process easy for all categories of users so that they can retrieve all files without any difficulty from any system.
  • Tool allows users to check all the retrieved files from the list of recovered files using the feature of preview.

Case scenarios for file delete on Windows 7 systems:

  • While making partitions for installing a new OS, handling the disk management tool without proper guidelines result in data loss.
  • User might accidentally delete all the stored files on Windows 7 system by selecting format all option.
  • If the Windows 7 system gets affected by virus or malware then it might infects your files present on your system, which in turn deletes your stored files or it makes the files inaccessible so that you need to format entire system.
  • When you are working on some files, if the system gets terminated suddenly due to power issue then it leads to delete of the files.

These are some scenarios for data loss on Windows 7 system and we can retrieve those files after restoring the system by installing Remo Recover tool.