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Apple Pencil for iPad Pro

December 22, 2015 No Comments

The Apple Pencil is alphanumeric stylus pen which can be used as an input device for the iPad Pro tablet. It was designed and implemented by Apple Inc. Apple Pencil was first released in the year 2015, along with the iPad Pro. It is used to scroll, open any apps, navigate and links between the apps in iPad Pro tablet. The Apple Pencil has various features such as angle detection and pressure sensitivity. The Pencil can able to detect force for an instance darker or lighter strokes in a drawing application based on how apple user going to press it.

The Apple Pencil communicate with the iPad Pro in order to perform creative work. This pencil creates an electronic drawing on the iPad Pro that is more feasible. Though, multi touch finger input is quiet the primary input tool for the iPad Pro. It has a drawing capability on mobile version and Adobe Creative Suite.

Important specifications of Apple Pencil for iPad Pro:

  • Third-party keyboards for Apple Pencil: While typing some text on Apple’s normal keyboard that is very slow process with Apple Pencil. This pencil should be more expedited with any third-party keyboards that allow gesture and swiping based input. So, Apple Pencil works fine as per user expectation and simply replicating on Apple users fingertip.
  • iOS 9 multitasking: The Apple Pencil can be used as multitasking on iOS 9. It can’t be used to raise Slide Over or Split View. User won’t get any response either on swiping from the left side of the screen. Assume, if Apple user have a opened a second app in Slide Over, then user can’t able to close or push it the screen with the assist of this Pencil and user can easily resize some apps in Split View.
  • Charge Apple Pencil with help of iPad Pro: As soon as the user opens the Apple Pencil box for the first time then they have to charge it for couple of hours with the assistance of iPad Pro’s lightning connector. Need to plugged into iPad Pro and leave it for 1 to 2 hours.
  • Draw Thicker Lines: The Apple Pencil has contains pressure sensitivity in order to support necessary apps in iPad Pro tablet. Suppose, if the user want to draw thicker lines then he/she need to hold and press it harder. This assists artists to make few attractive and beautiful drawings.