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5 Essential Security Measures to Protect Business Irrespective of its Size

April 12, 2016 No Comments

An excellent preventive medicine to protect your business is small dose of Paranoia. If you are thinking your business is small in size to be a target for hackers then you are extremely underestimating the value of your business.

IT security seems difficult prospect for a small business without having any professional staff, expensive consultants or a large budget. Still you can protect your business by following certain security tips to lock down the computers your business relies on.


Here are five simple implemented measures to protect your business no matter its size

  1. Encrypt your hard drives- Each and every personal computers of your business should be implemented as full disk encryption. This is very crucial because system passwords alone cannot defend against hackers. It’s pretty easy for a snoop or an attacker to recover previously deleted files from an unencrypted portable device or disk image. The best way to encrypt full disk is to use Microsoft’s BitLocker which is handy and comes with the Ultimate and Enterprise versions of MS Windows 7as well as with the Ultimate and Professional versions of MS Windows 8.
  2. Limit access- After enabling full disk encryption and strong passwords, you can further harden your business security by setting a reasonable short inactivity timeout that is not more than 10 to 15 minutes for computer to enter sleep mode. Using Windows-L keyboard shortcut to lock your system is an efficient way to prevent data from being siphoned even when you step away from your PC.
  3. Use secure portable storage– BitLocker To Go is an excellent way to prevent lost or stolen portable storage devices from becoming liabilities. Be aware, PC running Windows XP and Windows Vista would not recognize encrypted USB drives with BitLocker To Go until you have install BitLocker To Go app on your system.
  4. Use a password manager– Most of the people keep same passwords for various websites wherein hackers snap their passwords, identity theft and face financial loss. Instead of memorizing dozen of passwords, use a right tool to manage your passwords. There are many apps available such as LastPass, Sticky Password Pro and Roboform which will automatically generate strong passwords and some would fill out login pages with correct passwords.
  5. Don’t ignore security updates– At last make sure you PC has current software updates and security patches. Set your Windows system to automatically download updates successfully and regularly check for errors and failed updates.